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Heidi Trigar

Yoga ~ Kirtan ~ Mantra ~ Meditation
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Creating new music can be a long and expensive journey but this doesn't discount how much Heidi's heart fills when she is making music. 

To help Heidi in creating her next song and future album, you can donate to the production by clicking the link below. 

Any help is so highly appreciated

About Me.

With a deep belief in the healing power of movement and sound, I believe we can weave our way through space with the vibratory energy we create and a beautiful sense of fluidity and expression that is profoundly unique to the body we reside in. Sharing this magical practice with you is divine.

My harmonium comes everywhere with me and Mantra is a huge part of my life. With a deep love of Kirtan and the Sanskrit language, I truly regard the vibration and frequency of sound as being some of the best medicine you can't buy!

As an ex dancer and choreographer, movement has held an integral space in my journey and after many years of teaching dance and moving bodies, I have witnessed deep shifts in sometimes the most subtle of movements.... I absolutely love the human body and the way it moves and the potential we have to unlock the deepest parts within, through devotion to the practice.

I have done over 1000 hours of training with so many incredible teachers and change makers including Les Leventhal, Lorin Roche Phd, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker, Allannah Kaivalya and Sarah Powers. My classes infuse all of these incredible teachers with my own experiences and love of the practice.. 

Please join me on the mat for Yin Yoga and Vinyasa and off the mat for Kirtan, meditation and Bhakti Yoga in Melbourne and beyond....

Want to know more about me, or how we can work together? I'd love to hear from you... 


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Heidi's Bhakti immersion course was a beautiful exploration of many different elements of yoga. Heidi's deep knowledge and understanding of yoga as a system really shone through, and the experience she created and the space she held were amazing. She created a safe and inviting space which allowed those of us participating to dive deep and explore and realise the depths of our own true nature. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain deeper understanding of yoga and themselves.


Thank you Heidi from the bottom of my heart for sharing your amazing energy, spiritual intelligence and storytelling with us last week. You have ignited a great sense of curiosity and inspiration in me and forever deepened my yoga practice. Thank you


I have experienced Heidi’s Bhakti Immersion both in person and online and one walks away from both feeling so very blessed, grateful and further educated in the area of mythology as Heidi is a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge of each deity from their meaning, purpose, why and when we should call upon them and how we are forever learning from such experiences. Among Heidi’s many talents, she has an incredible way of bringing new communities of people together through her Kirtan, authenticity and abundant warmth. Highly recommend any course with Heidi it will transport you on a journey you least expected and open further destinations. 

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